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Mold Continues to Haunt Defenseless Families

Titled “In rainy Washington state, weak laws squash tenants’ rights to mold remediation,” a recent article describes what it is like living in a home in a state with lackluster mold remediation laws, the health effects associated with living in a house with mold, and the prevalence of moldy homes in the United States. Read it Here.

Unfortunately, this family’s experience with mold in their home is not uncommon. The lack of mold remediation and mold assessment laws and regulations across the country is stunning. Professional licensure and certification requirements are common for fields that deal with hazardous materials, such as asbestos and lead, as well as for other professions like cosmetology. Lawmakers must take mold issues as seriously as they take these fields. We urge lawmakers across the nation to establish policies that incorporate accredited industry standards and certifications to ensure that when the job is done, it is done right. Check out our proposed legislative language Here.